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Connecting Top Model 400 for Model 490 Sewing Chest

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Product Information

The model 400 connecting top is the optional piece that when attached (hardware included) or sitting on top of the model 490 drawer chest makes model 490 chest level with the top surface of the models 2600, 1600 or 1200 cabinets. We have found most quilter’s and sewer’s prefer to have this option and the chest level with the cabinet surface. Click on the icon of the White cabinet to the left to see an example.

Available in all colors.

The model 400 connecting top can also be used to connect cabinet models 810Q, 810, 1600 and 1200 to make a combo cabinets.

As pictured in the “U” cabinet in Oak you can see that there are two optional #400 connecting tops on top of each other. This makes the complete cabinet level when the machine is in the down position and the complete cabinet is closed.

Length: 24 1/2″
Depth:  19 7/8″
Height: 3/4″