Connecting Top for Corner Cabinets 390

$189 $169

Product Information

This is an optional corner top used to level all corner style cabinets when the machine is in the lowest position and the cabinets are closed. If you already own a Sylvia corner cabinet (1810, 1710, or 1350) then you already have one corner top. This second top makes the cabinet the same height and completely level when closed.

If you are customizing existing cabinets into a corner configuration then you could order up to two of these tops. One to attach to a cabinet on two edges and the other for leveling the entire cabinet when closed. The first corner top will be pre-drilled on the bottom to fit in dowels on the top of the sewing chest models 350 or 750. It also connects to both cabinets with pins and cam locks thus making all the pieces connected and acting like one large cabinet.  The second corner top, if desired, levels entire surface of cabinet when closed.  This corner top is just placed on top of the 390 corner top which then levels the top surface of the cabinet.  Click on the cabinet icon to the left to see an example.

Available in all colors.