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Sewing Cabinet Leaf Extension-617-817-917-624-681-824-838

$159 $139

Product Information

The drop-leaf extends the depth of the Sylvia cabinet by about 12 inches.

A lot of sewers and quilters enjoy this option when working on large and bulky projects. The important measurement to determine which cabinet model you have or are ordering for is the Width dimension. The Width of the cabinet when closed is the same as the Width of the drop-leaf you want. Every Sylvia cabinet model comes pre-drilled so it is very easy to install the Drop-Leaf.

Available in all colors. To see what the Drop-Leaf looks like attached to a cabinet, click on the White Cabinet icon to the left.

#617 for the cabinet models 610, 620, 1000, and 1350
Dimensions: 26″W x 11 3/4″D x 3/4″H

#817 for the cabinet model 810
Dimensions: 31 7/8″W x 11 3/4″D x 3/4″H

#917 for the cabinet model 920
Dimensions: 39 3/8″W x 11 3/4″D x 3/4″H