Heavy-Duty Sewing Cabinet Air Lift Kit 5004

$499 $439

Product Information

If you own or have purchased one of the larger, heavier sewing and embroidery machines that were manufactured since 2013, you will need a heavy-duty lift in your sewing cabinet. This lift can accommodate a sewing machine weighing up to 60 pounds.

The lift is manufactured in Germany by Rudersberg. This is the best, highest quality lift kit made and has a lifetime warranty. This is a three step lift so the machine can be in the up position so the free arm can easily be used or an embroidery unit can be attached.

The second position is flush and is meant to be used with the optional insert that can be ordered for your make and model. The sewing height is flush with the top of the cabinet and is the most comfortable position to sit at your machine.

The third position in all the way down so the sewing machine can be lowered and the cabinet closed.