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Large QuiltMate Modular Quilting and Sewing Machine Cabinet – Model 1600

$2,339 $2,099

Product Information

The perfect quilting and / or sewing machine cabinet for your studio. The Sylvia 1600 provides the most when it comes to storage and work space.

When the leaf on the back is up, this cabinet provides lots of surface area and necessary support for the largest quilts and other sewing and crafting projects. No more pulling or shifting of the quilt once it has been sewn or quilted on your sewing machine. The back leaf folds down for compact storage when not needed.

A conveniently located drawer holds all your frequently used notions right at your fingertips. This cabinet was designed by quilters for you.

The 1600 comes with the standard 3-position lift so your sewing machine can be used in the up position with the complete free-arm exposed perfect for sewing pant legs and sleeves and anything tubular or using your embroidery arm.

Your machine can also be positioned in the flat sewing position , perfect for quilting and stippling projects. This position works best when you purchase the optional insert for your particular make and model of sewing machine. The last position is complete down which is used for storage.

The Model 1600 has two new options effective April 2017: 1. There is a quilter's extension 1670 that can fit in the top drawer when it is completely pulled out.  This adds a lot of extra support for large quilting, sewing and crafting projects. 2. There is a new side extension 1690 that fits on the right-hand side of the cabinet adding a nice spot for your scissors, pins, and a nice piece of chocolate.  These new extensions are $79.95 each plus applicable taxes. 

This cabinet comes with one drawer for storage and a little organization, locking casters for great stability and movability and the popular melamine finish which is scratch and heat resistant for long lasting beauty and durability. All hinges are flush so no snags on your fabric or quilts.

It comes fully assembled, you just put on the casters – sew easy! Ships in one box by freight truck. First we put the cabinet on a pallet and then wrap it completely in stretch plastic for extra protection. It can ship right to your home and if you want it set up, the castors installed and the box and packing material hauled away, we can arrange that too with our “White Glove” delivery.

With additional optional items (as seen in some of the images to the left at the bottom), you can turn this into one awesome workstation. Add the #460 4-Drawer Sewing Chest under the drawer of the 1600, or add the #490 5-Drawer Sewing Chest to the side, front, or under the back leaf for even more storage. If desired, add multiple 490s and you have the ability to really get organized. You also have handy drawers to store all your important notions, fabrics, or equipment. Best of all, you can customize it now or later. That's the beauty of Sylvia's modular design.

An optional machine inset is available for this model. It covers the rectangular hole where the sewing machine is and makes for a very sturdy cutting and crafting table. We even have a cutting mat that fits nicely. 



Width: 59 7/8″
Depth:  39 3/4″
Height: 29 3/4″


Width: 59 7/8″
Depth:  20 3/4″
Height: 29 3/4″

Machine Opening

Width: 26″
Depth:  12 1/2″

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