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Cutting and Craft Table-3000

$1,399 $1,049

Product Information

The butterfly design and the height of this table make cutting fabrics and crafting easy on the back.  The 3000 comes standard with one drawer, but 9 more can be added – 4 on one side and 5 on the other side for a total of 10 drawers! Each drawer (#2068) is $89.00 each. You can see an example of the craft table with 5 drawers on one side in the images under the default image. Or add an optional bottom shelf (#3026) to store larger items for $29.00.

The 72″ x 40″ optional cutting mat fits perfectly on the open table as seen in the image to the left and is available for $149.00. The table base is 5/8″ thick with 3/4″ thick crosspieces for sturdiness and great support. 


-Width: 72 1/8″
-Depth:  40″
-Height: 35″


-Width: 16 1/4″
-Depth:  40″
-Height: 35″

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