sylvia_0061_1600_Cherry_inset by itself_700
sylvia_0065_1600_Castle oak_inset alone_701sylvia_0061_1600_Cherry_inset by itself_700sylvia_0047_1600_Pearwood_inset by itself_703sylvia_0039_1600_White_inset by itself_6971200_Castle Oak_bare down back up with inset_555Insert_Twilight

Blank Inset for Models 1600 and 1200 – 326

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Product Information

The cabinet inset is made for the cabinet models 1600 and 1200 only. This optional accessory fills the hole when the sewing machine is pushed to its lowest position. When the hole is filled with the inset, then the cabinet top is solid and can be used as a cutting table or craft area. This is one of our newest accessories and was requested by quilters.

Width: 24″
Depth:  12 1/2″
Thickness: 3/4″